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Our Alaska trips originate in Anchorage except the Brooks Range trips which originate in Fairbanks or Kotzebue. This is where we meet you and loan you our waterproof bags. All our trips require flights in either float planes or small bush wheel planes to get to the river put-in. Most of our Alaska trips are 8 days long.

FLIGHTS TO OUR ALASKA BUSH VILLAGES: We operate out of the following bush villages: King Salmon, Aniak, Dillingham and Bethel. You make your airline reservations youself from Anchorage to our bush villages. We help you get the right flights on the right days at the right time of day. Jet flight prices to our jump off points are controlled by the airlines and are subject to change. You pay the airlines directly for these flights. Ouzel Expeditions covers the float plane or wheel plane flights from these Alaska bush villages into the remote Alaskan Rivers we fish. Ouzel Expeditions flies all of the boat gear, food and guides to these remote bush villages.  We highly advise trip insurance in Alaska. 

Our KAMCHATKA trips originate in Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka. You fly out of Anchorage on Yakutia Airlines direct to Petropavlovsk Kamchatka. Trips run Monday to Monday from Anchorage. We meet you in Petropavlovsk at the airport just outside of Russian Customs. We load up in a buss and drive to the heli port and fly by helicopter to the river. We loan you our waterproof bags for your gear in Kamchatka at the heliport. All of the helicopter flights are included in your trips price. 

Trip insurance is required in Kamchatka. You can buy it direct from Travel Guard. This can include medical insurance, trip cancellation insurance and emergency medical transportation in case of a medical emergency.  The best way is to sign up with us at the time you book your trip. This is because the coverage is more extensive and costs less if you purchase your insurance within 15 days of your initial deposit to us or airline reservation.  An application is enclosed for you to examine in our fishing information package you receive when you sign up.  If you would like trip insurance give call Travel Guard direct  at 1-800-826-1300. Or you can buy trip insurance from Red Star Travel.  

RESERVATIONS We arrange our remote wilderness fishing vacations from June into late September on a first come first served basis for groups of fishing friends, couples, families and individuals. Flexibility to best fit your fishing desires and vacation times is one of our major concerns. Please call us for more information on this. Group sizes vary from 4 to 9 guests. We have 1 guide and raft for every 2 guests. Sometime 3 guests like to ride together in one raft. Our trips in Kamchatka are 7 days long with the direct flights from Anchorage to Kamchakta. Trips 14 days or longer can be arranged. Individual fishermen or pairs are accommodated within our existing groups.

Early reservations are advised. Please call our TOLL FREE number 1-800-825-8196 for space availability and more details. Your phone call will hold your reservations for 14 days. A $2000 deposit per person is required after that. Final payment is required 60 days prior to your trips departure.