Alaska fishing trips originate in Anchorage. Spend the night in Anchorage before the trip. Try to arrive sometime around 3-4 P.M. the day before the trip. We recommend The Marriot Courtyard Hotel, their toll free number is 800-314-0782 or (907) 245-0322. Over the years we have found them to have consistently great service. They provide free shuttle service to and from the airport and they can store your extra suitcases and unwanted things while you are on the river. It also works well for us if everyone going on the trip stays at the same place. 

The day before the trip we meet you at the Marriot Courtyard Hotel for our pre trip meeting in the lobby at approximately 5 P.M. After you get to your room, give us a call, (local 783-2216) so we can make arrangements of just when to meet you and the rest of the group. We will give you your waterproof gear, sleeping bags, plane tickets and go over details of the trip.

Transportation to the bush villages: King Salmon, Dillingham and Bethel. We help you book your round trip jet flights to the bush. These flight costs are additional and cost about $450 per person. Flight costs vary. Flight arrival and departure details and times will be in your confirmation letter from us once you sign up.

Have a good breakfast the morning your trip departs. We travel a long way the first day. Early in the morning take your hotel’s free shuttle service back to Anchorage International Airport. Next we take a jet to King Salmon, Dillingham or Bethel. Once there we collect our bags hop in the van and drive over to the float plane base to load the float planes and fly into the Alaskan wilderness. We unload the float planes and the guides begin pumping up the rafts and loading them for the float down river. Off we go! Each night we camp on the gravel bars.