Jeff Yonover is one of our past clients. He specializes in underwater photography. Several of his pictures are on our website.

You can get your Alaska fishing license online. Just click here then pay and print out your fishing license. Don't forget a King Stamp if you're going to be fishing for Kings!

Brian is one of our guides. He is also a professional photographer. He has been a lot of places and has some pretty interesting photographs. He has spent over 4 years exploring Africa! Brian has now started his own company takeing people on Safaris in Africs, Beyond Adventure Photography Safaris. We went on a Safai with Brian  to Kenya October 1-10, 2014! It was wonderful! 

We require trip insurance for our trips in Kamchatka. Here is one way to get it.

Colin went on a trip with us on the Salmon River in 2008. He is a professional photographer and his pictures are great!

Mepps makes the finest spinners and spoons in the world. Check out this website! Mike Sheldon owns Mepps and Mr. Twister. He, his family and employees have been on the river on all these trips: Kanektok Sept. 10, 1995, Salmon July 6-13, 1996, Kanektok Sept. 8, 1997, Salmon July 25 – August 1, 1998, Salmon Aug 12-18, 2000, Salmon July 16-22, 2001, Salmon Aug 19-25, 2002, King Salmon River July 12-19, 2004, Kanektok July 7-15, 2005, Kanektok River July 16-24, 2007, American Creek June 29- July 5, 2008, Alagnak July 5-11, 2009, Kanektok Aug 15-22, 2010. Kanektok August 30 - September 7, 2011, American Creek September 3-9, 2012 and Kanektok September 3-10, 2014

They're some of our best guests and great friends. They've developed many new lures over the past 20 years and tested them on these river trips before bringing them to market. Thanks very much Mike! 

Hey you guys! Ever want to stay in Kona Hawaii? Check out our website for our condo. We rent it by the week or month! We spend a few months here after the fishing season to get a summer vacation so to speak.

Cindy Wagner is an experienced oil painter who can take that favorite scenic fishing trip photo and turn it into a work of art.  One of her paintings is featured on our website. It's on our Kanektok River page. Visit her website at