Kamchatka Russia

                2016 Is Ouzel's 26th year in business in Kamchatka. Ouzel has fished Kamchatka through many changes over these years. It was communist when we first fished there. Ouzel Expeditions began in 1977 with our first trip fishing in Alaska.  We work hard to make our trips First Class all the way. Our trips are totally in the wilderness because this is where the best fishing is. We have a great system to make it very comfortable. We meet and greet people all the way from beginning to end. We take care of people and really enjoy it. No one in Kamchatka has better wilderness float trip camps than Ouzel Expedtions!


                This marks Ouzel's 39th year in business.  Ouzel Expeditions became the first western guide service to operate in Kamchatka in 1991.  We were originally looking for great Salmon runs but couldn’t keep the gigantic Rainbow Trout off of our hook!  No one complained, and the rest is history. Ouzel introduced catch and release angling to Kamchatka and the use of Russian helicopters to access its beautiful rivers for fly fishing. Today Kamchatka is famous for its huge Rainbow Trout thanks largely to Ouzel Expeditions efforts beginning in 1991.  With Ouzel Expeditions Ed Exum caught the first Steelhead in Kamchatka by westerners on one our 1992 trips!  Yvon Chounaird, Patagonia clothing owner, caught the second.  (To see the article about this trip click here.)

              We have caught Rainbow Trout up to 35 inches! There are numerous photos of these giant Rainbow Trout located under “Big Bows in Kamchatka” photo album! They are from all over Kamchatka caught on un-named rivers. After all, when you're the first, you have a lot of competition chasing you around. 

               Each year offers the opportunity of exploratory trips.  Join us on one if you are this kind of adventurer!  Experience for yourself the excitement of finding a great new river in Kamchatka.  We have 2 new rivers we are floating this summer. We are continually finding and fishing new rivers that have never been fished by westerners before.  We fish new rivers in Kamchatka each summer. Our staff of six per float trip takes care of all the hard work while you sit back and fish and relax.  You don’t even have to set up camp!  Ouzel’s commitment to quality service remains the same after 38 years, a first class operation. 

            Our floating camps are the most comfortable in Kamchatka. Our equipment is better than anyone's in Kamchatka, from our spacious 4 person sleeping tents for two people to our 16' and 18' SOTAR rafts. Our very large Kitchen Tents and large Rainflys along with tables & chairs, hot showers and electric generators make like easy and comfortable. 

            We like to float rivers that are easy to wade, full of big Rainbows and where you don't see any motor boats or other people. Thankfully that's no problem in Kamchatka. There are lots of streams to fish where no one has ever fly fished before.

             Your day begins after breakfast as you wade off down river.  Shortly after, camp is packed up and your raft and guide is back with you.  Two guests per raft fish with a seasoned fly fishing guide who rows and works hard to ensure a wonderful experience.  We wade fish all day from hole to hole.  At the days end the rafts continue ahead and set up camp.  You can either ride along or wade fish into camp and enjoy a well earned hot meal.  We present three hot delicious Russian meals each day.  The soups and main courses are hearty and healthy.  There are a variety of fish to catch in Kamchatka’s rivers. There are six species of Pacific Salmon.  Arctic Char are present all summer.  Kundzha  (East Siberian Char) are great fighters!  Salmon arrival times vary from stream to stream but generally arrive the same time in Kamchatka as Alaska.  We fish for King Salmon from mid June through early July.  Silvers arrive mid August and run through October.  Chum Salmon run all season long.  Sockeye Salmon arrive in July and August.  Pinks run early, August through September.  Join us  in 2016 for another year in Kamchatka and experience Kamchatka's gigantic Rainbows for yourself.

          Thanks for checking us out. I hope you can join us this summer! Your's truely Paul Allred