Salmon River | Alaska

Beginning high in the treeless, lichen covered mountains; the Salmon River is one of the greatest rivers in Alaska!  Through its 90 mile course we enjoy 8 days of floating and fishing,  It’s extravagant changes in terrain delight the eye as if flows through canyons lush with forests of spruce and birch, then onto open permafrost laden arctic tundra.  Further on the Salmon River flows through braided river channels with hundreds of islands, becoming very large at its end.  Kings, Sockeye, Silvers, Chums, Humpies, Arctic Char, Rainbow Trout and Arctic Grayling can all be caught on this river by fly fishing.  There are large birds of prey abound.  We’ve seen Peregrine Falcons, Golden Eagles, Great Gray owls and many Bald Eagles.  Bears, black and brown are prolific and in equal numbers.  Caribou are seen on the upper river while moose are often seen from midway down.  We have seen two enormous moose racks entwined together, the result of a mating season battle to the death.  Wolf tracks are on its many beaches, an indication of true wilderness.  The Salmon River delivers some of the best fishing and remote wilderness in Alaska!

            Like to see what it’s like during August on the Salmon River? Check out these fantastic photos by one of our past clients on their annual family trip with Ouzel Expeditions. It’s by Colin Gift a professional photographer and Al turns 80 on the river with his whole family.  Be sure to click on Slide Show in the upper right hand corner. You can advance the pictures by clicking on them! It’s a great look at the whole week. No holds barred.



Fishing in Alaska with Ouzel Expeditions