American Creek | Alaska

     American Creek has Grizzlies and Rainbows in great numbers. For years we have called it the Rainbow River because it has so many Rainbow Trout. We've run it for over 25 years! The first 20 years we never saw another raft. Recently it's seen some use due to a series of magazine articles. It has some of the best dry fly fishing seen in my 42 years of guiding. Fishing in Alaska, the American is a dream trip!

     American Creek is a low water, rock dodging challenge in Katmai National Park. It flows through beautiful deep canyons with rocky mossy waterfalls, deep pools and very little water so it's easy to wade. We have lots of time for fishing this tiny, short river. It's nice here all summer as long as the water level holds up. It has an abundance of wildlife, great bird watching too. One trip in early spring we saw 17 bull moose. We've seen a wolf chase a caribou right through camp, a fox chase a wolverine and more bears than you can shake a stick at. In June right after the Rainbows have spawned Sockeye smolt migrate to the ocean. After not eating for a month these Rainbows are pretty hungry and ready to take anything that looks like a smolt or black leech. It has incredibly large runs of Arctic Char, more per mile than any river I've ever seen. We catch Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling here too. June and July has excellent dry fly fishing. The last of July or the first of August Sockeye fill the river; approximately 1 million! We've seen 70 different grizzly bears in one trip! This is a great time. You can't go a few casts without catching a fish on your fly rod. By September the Salmon, Char & bears are gone, only Rainbows remain. AMERICAN CREEK IS TRUELY ONE OF OUZEL EXPEDITIONS' FINEST ALASKA FISHING EXPEDTIONS!

Fishing in Alaska with Ouzel Expeditions